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7 Most Common Personal Interview Questions With Sample Answers For Fresher

7 Most Common Personal Interview Questions With Sample Answers For Fresher

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It is difficult to find work in today’s fast-paced world. To get a job, you will need to attend multiple interviews. You will be judged on how well you perform in these interviews, not your qualifications or experience. You should learn how to answer personal interview questions. Although these personal interview questions may seem simple, they can be difficult to answer. This article will focus on some common personal interview questions and their answers. These questions mostly concern the person’s behavior, education, achievements, and other things. If you know the basics, it will help you win any interview. This will help you prepare for the personal interview questions. These are some of the most popular interview questions.

We can divide these personal interview questions under several headings:

Common Personal Interview Questions

Tell us something about Yourself?

Personal life and hobbies are not necessary to answer these questions in a personal interview. It is better to talk about your professional achievements, past experiences, and other relevant information. Interviewers should feel convinced that you are the best candidate for the job. Your answers should highlight your achievements, management skills, and strengths. This is the first question of an interview and it leaves a lasting impression. You should answer this question in a way that is clear and concise. Be specific, not vague. This is one of the most important interview questions.

Can you list your strengths and weaknesses?

List the skills and qualities that you possess, which are applicable to your job. List a few characteristics that will affect your daily life. Do not try to list all the things that you are great at. To justify your strengths, you can also add small stories. These stories have a lasting effect.

List your weaknesses and convince interviewers by stating that you are constantly working to improve them. Let’s say, for example, that you are afraid of public speaking. Although you can clearly see that you have difficulty speaking in public, you are trying to overcome your fear by using various communication methods and trying to share your thoughts with others.

Where do you imagine yourself in the coming five years?

Employers want to know how long you plan to stay with them. They need you to promise them that you will stay with the company. They want you to succeed, but within the same company. While you may have the desire for growth, it is important to be a productive employee. Do not mention that you are there to gain experience or anything like this.

What reason do you have behind leaving your previous job?

If you are asked why you quit your previous job, it is important to avoid blaming. It is not appropriate to blame your boss, coworkers, boss, or the work environment. This could indicate that you are negative.

Try to give a reason. It is possible to say that you didn’t face enough challenges at your previous job. This shows that you are open to new challenges and are eager to learn. It also shows your enthusiasm for challenging projects. This is often a sign of serious intent and a reference point for top interview questions.

Do you have any hobbies?

Answer this interview question clearly. You can prove that you are capable of managing both your personal and professional lives. Mention any hobbies that are connected to your professional life, such as traveling, interacting with people etc. This will show your personality and energy, as well as how easily you adapt to the workplace. It is also possible to list your hobbies, such as reading, singing and other things. This shows that you are interested in your personal life, and how much time you spend on your soft skills.

How much salary do you expect?

When asked a personal interview question, don’t try to be diplomatic. Do not play games with the hiring manager. Answer the question directly and be polite. Before answering the question, you should do your research. You should research your worth using different resources based on your experience and qualifications. You should have a clear understanding of the amount you are entitled to for your work. The employer should know the salary range that you are comfortable with. A higher salary range can be a motivating factor for you to work harder. This personality interview question will help you build your negotiation and confidence skills.

Can you describe your long-term career goals?

Personal interview questions such as these can be difficult to answer. It all depends on whether you are describing your career after five or twenty years. This question can be answered according to your own will. Personal interview questions show enthusiasm. This will help the hiring manager understand your goals, what you are capable of achieving, and the zeal that you have to succeed in your job. Your goals will show how committed you are to a specific task and what your attitude is to overcome it. This reflects your personality and how you feel about your work. This answer can also help you judge your reaction to adverse situations. Be careful when answering this question. You can set your goals according to what you are capable of and then try to prove your worth.

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